From our extensive experience in C++ programming that we gained in our projects, we evolve seminars for experienced and prospective programmers. The courses do not only aim for teaching C++ features but are rather targeted to empower the attendees to master their daily programming tasks with much higher productivity and more enthusiasm.

We are both offering open courses in well-suited seminar rooms in Leipzig and in-house company training.

The courses are offered in German and English.

Last but not least, this is also an excellent opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful cities.

Date1 Course Number Price2 Early bird offer2 Location Registration3
Nov. 26th-30th 2012 Advanced C++  CS01_1     Saxonia Dresden  
Mar. 18th-22nd 2013 Advanced C++  CS01_2     Saxonia Dresden  
Sep. 09th-13th 2013 Advanced C++ (German) CS01_3     Saxonia Dresden  
Oct. 07th-11th 2013 Advanced C++ (English) CS01_4     Saxonia Dresden  
June 8th-12th 2015 Advanced Modern C++ (German) CS03_4 1750€ 1600€ till 5/11/15 Leipzig, Nordplatz 9  
June 22nd-26th 2015 Advanced Modern C++ (English) CS03_5 1750€ 1600€ till 5/29/15 Leipzig, Nordplatz 9  
Nov. 9th-12th 2015 Modern C++ for Starters (German) CS02_1 1500€ 1400€ till 10/12/15 Leipzig, Nordplatz 9  
Nov. 23rd-26th 2015 Modern C++ for Starters (English) CS02_2 1500€ 1400€ till 10/26/15 Leipzig, Nordplatz 9  
June 13rd-16th 2016 Advanced Modern C++ (German) CS03_6 1500€ 1400€ till 11/09/16 Leipzig, Nordplatz 9  
June 20th-23rd 2016 Advanced Modern C++ (English) CS03_7 1500€ 1400€ till 05/23/16 Leipzig, Nordplatz 9  
Dec. 7th-9th 2016 Advanced Modern C++ (German) CS03_8 1200€ 1100€ till 11/09/16 Leipzig, Nordplatz 9  
June 12th-15th 2017 Advanced Modern C++ (German) CS03_9 1500€ 1400€ till 05/15/17 Leipzig, Nordplatz 9  
June 19th-22nd 2017 Advanced Modern C++ (English) CS03_10 1500€ 1400€ till 05/22/17 Leipzig, Hohe Str. 11  
Dec. 4th-7th 2017 Advanced Modern C++ (German) CS03_11 1500€ 1389€ till 10/31/17 Will be announced Register here

1) In case that the minimum number of attentees is not reached two weeks before the beginning of the course, we reserve the right to cancel the training. Already registered participants will be offered alternative dates or reimbursed.

2) Prices:

  • Include:
    • Course material
    • Lunch and coffee-break refreshments
    • Social event
  • 19% VAT will be added (applies always, unfortunately)
  • Group prices on request.

3) Before you can register for the seminar, you have to register for the SimuNova website in general.

We will continously expand our course spectrum.

Planned Courses

  • C++ professional (high level)
  • C++ for scientists
  • C++ with CUDA
  • Programming MTL4 applications in C++ 


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